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Insurance Review

A popular service offered by Scott Winton Insurance Brokers is our Insurance Review and Audit Service.

This timely review of your insurance portfolio can be crucial to your business operations to ensure your enterprise is fully protected against unforeseen insurable events.

Risks to modern business are many, infinitely varied and can include:

Underinsurance - are you confident the cover you have is truly adequate?

Does your cover reflect the requirements of current legislation?

Does it take into account licences and regulatory requirements unique to your business?

Does it address run-off and retroactive cover and the impact of fraud and dishonesty to your business finances and company culture?

Are the policy exclusions appropriate and fully understood?

Are your subsidiary companies or divisions correctly identified and protected?

Is the growing risk of cybercrime and its potential impact to your business fully understood and addressed?

Can your Directors & Officers and Management Liability cover protect your directors and other employees against the rigors of litigation brought by government departments or business entities?

As a responsible director for the security of your company are you confident that the insurances you have in place will fully protect your enterprise?

Scott Winton Insurance Brokers have vast experience in countering the risks and threats faced by companies, its directors and employees.

Don’t wait till your renewals fall due - with the risk of the ‘all too easy’ same old, same old roll over of current policies - book an obligation free insurance review and audit here and we will be in touch to progress.

Free Insurance Review

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