Public & Products Insurance

This type of insurance is an essential part of any insurance portfolio as an injury to a third party could cost millions and have disastrous consequences for your business.

Depending on your business, cover may be required for a variety of potential risk situations: Product Recall, Product Guarantee, Product Tamper, Information Technology, Errors & Omissions. There are numerous types of policies with specific cover that may be appropriate to your occupation.

For example, Product Recall Insurance reimburses costs incurred to recall and replace a product in the marketplace with a safe one. Recalling, replacing or destroying products or component parts can cause serious long-term damage to a company’s reputation. Coupled with business interruption and liability

exposure, such incidents often result in considerable costs and loss of public confidence. With recall incidents on the rise, companies are seeking sophisticated balance sheet protection.

Whilst a recall extension under a Product Liability policy includes some protection, it does not always reimburse the insured for their own costs incurred to withdraw and replace a product or expert assistance and advice during this process. Scott Winton understands the many aspects of Public and Product Liability cover and can evaluate your needs, advise and recommend appropriate solutions.


Our dedicated Claims Team are bound by industry service standards and governing principles. However, we go way beyond the industry standards, and we do not baulk if the insurer initially responds with a ‘decline’.

In the event of any loss or damage, our claims department will assist you with lodgement, negotiation and settlement of claims.