Domestic & Retail

Trying to get the right insurance for your personal and family needs can be overwhelming. You just need to turn on the TV to be hit with the barrage of ads promoting all kinds of insurance products.

Remember this, all those advertiser offers come directly from an insurance company (or a supermarket reseller) but Scott Winton Insurance Brokers work for you, our client. We review the market and make recommendations on the right policy for your needs. Best of all, in the unfortunate event of a claim you can be assured that the true value of our professional

service will shine. Call us for advice and assistance with all the various options of your retail insurance needs, including: Home & Contents, Landlords, Motor Vehicle, Personal Property, Marine Pleasure Craft, Strata, Personal Accident & Illness and Travel Insurance.


Our dedicated Claims Team are bound by industry service standards and governing principles. However, we go way beyond the industry standards, and we do not baulk if the insurer initially responds with a ‘decline’.

In the event of any loss or damage, our claims department will assist you with lodgement, negotiation and settlement of claims.